Integrated equipment design within the virtual product

Equipment design is inherently complex as parts and components must often be built inside or routed around another product or structure. Moreover, the particular attention needed to meet certain performances and safety objectives have raised the importance of equipment and systems design as a key activity in product development. An integrated environment that enables collaborative equipment systems design in context of the entire virtual product is needed to speed up the design process.


CATIA Equipment products and solutions enable the equipment design process to be driven by system logical definition which ensures conformity with product specifications. Knowledge and rules can be built into the system to enable the automatic propagation of change as well as compliance to regulatory standards throughout the design process, all the way to documentation and manufacturing. Such integrated environment improves equipment and systems design quality, drastically reduces change cycle time and minimizes errors



CATIA facilitates the following equipment & systems design processes:
Electrical Wire Harness Design

CATIA delivers a dedicated electro-mechanical, end-to-end solution for designing and documenting electrical wire harnesses in all products that include electric, electronic and electro-mechanic components. Creating electrical modules directly in the product digital mock-up reduces time, costs and part interferences. It also enables automatic creation of manufacturing documentation. See Electrical Wire Harness Design Solution for more information

Piping & Tubing Design

CATIA provides general layout tools for intelligent placement of piping and tubing parts. A full set of routing and part placement methods allow users to choose the one that is right for a given context. The CATIA knowledge and rules management capabilities enables automation of the design process and compliance of company standards. Rules setup is easy with project standards and catalogs. For more information, visit the Plant Fluid Systems Design and Plant Electrical Systems Design pages.

Electronics Design

Today's consumers require compact electronic devices with greater functionalities. To create high-quality products faster, companies need the integration of realistic Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) inside a virtual product and simplified collaboration between mechanical and electronics specialists. For more information, visit the Mechatronics Engineering Solution page.

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