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Tighten systems engineers’ collaboration for integrated product simulation

CATIA Systems V6 users and systems engineers using external applications such as Simulink benefit from new exchange options. Four dedicated export options and the support of Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard ensure the simulation of both the controlled (plant) and controller models to fully validate the closed loop systems behavior.


Unique integrated solution to develop complex multi-discipline systems

CATIA Dynamic Behavior Modeling solution (DBM) has now reached the same functional level as Dymola 2012. CATIA Systems includes a comprehensive collection of libraries, ensuring that Dymola users find the functionalities to which they are accustomed.


Reach functional completeness and V5-V6 feature equivalence for CATIA ICEM products

CATIA V6R2012 delivers perfection in virtual surface design quality.With this release, the CATIA Version 6 surfacing offer is fully mature and integrates industry leading ICEM technologies. By combining freeform explicit modeling from ICEM with associative feature-based modeling, CATIA Version 6 delivers a powerful and intuitive set of tools to model, analyze, and visualize aesthetic and ergonomic shapes from the most basic to Class-A surfaces.  This completes the feature set alignment of V5R19, V5R21, and V6R2012.


CATIA Industrial Design Refinement product includes techniques for design pattern and artwork on 3D

CATIA Developed Shapes tools allow users to quickly and easily unfold any type of free form surfaces and to develop curves on a revolution surface. Creative designers, both non-surface specialists and advanced-shape designers, can define an associative flattened pattern from their 3D models for manufacturing from flat sheets of raw materials.



CATIA Live Rendering delivers more content for interactive ray tracing

CATIA Live Rendering for interactive ray tracing visualization is based on image based lighting with High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI). With this release, CATIA Live rendering brings new feature enhancements as well as a new library of HDRI content. These enhancements add out-of-the-box, ready-to-use environments to create realistic, in-context rendering.  Users can also import their own HDRI to recreate accurately any real scene.


Improved performance and productivity for mechanical surfaces design with multi-processing
CATIA V6R2012 brings important productivity gains to multiple CATIA core applications by providing multi processing support for its core boolean operations. Most of CATIA applications take advantage of this new performance, including the mechanical surfaces design with shape morphing operation that can improve performance by up to 50%.


CATIA Live Compose: the best tool you can rely on to conduct your architectural design

Your 3D concept is at the heart of your design. Select relevant items in your database and start an interactive “test and try” session, either alone or by collaborating with your project partners. Positioning relationships are proposed on-the-fly using visual highlights as you approach parts or sub-assemblies. CATIA Live Compose makes it possible to build innovative proposals quickly in a 3D brainstorming spirit.


CATIA V6R2012 releases more creativity and collaboration with the new multi-touch experience

CATIA V6R2012 delivers the ultimate device-free way to boost the creativity of dedicated designers and casual users. The multi-touch experience is applied to 3D design through CATIA direct modeling in Live Shape and is the most natural way of modeling without constraints, delivering a true productivity gain. It simplifies the collaborative process, improving the ease in which casual and management users can communicate ideas to the CAD specialist in 3D.


Design plastic products and molds with significant productivity gains

The plastic part process from design to manufacturing benefits from enhancements in performance and capacity. Embrace a wider scope of complex plastic parts and increase your design efficiency with modeling performances that are enhanced up to 40%, depending on the complexity of the part. In addition, in this dedicated and integrated process, you can choose among an extended library of mold base suppliers, natively incorporating positioning information for standard components.


Make your words visible with an engraved or embossed packaging of your product

During detailed design, 3D text can be used to define accurately any kind of text that will be embossed or engraved in your product. Customize your text using creative fonts, original alignments and orientations, or circular shapes.  This release eliminates the need for text outlines to be imported, resulting in time savings.


Collaborative ECAD MCAD Integration for printed circuit board design

With CATIA V6R2012, ECAD and MCAD designers can now better focus and concentrate on their PCB design, thanks to the collaboration workflow being optimized to reduce manual tasks and potential errors in the process. Standard exchange files (IDF format) can now be saved directly within the Version 6 platform, ensuring full synchronicity at all times, as well as efficient traceability of design changes.


Full support of complex connector assemblies in the flattening process of electrical wire harnesses

The entire wire harness flattening and formboard process including drawing generation now handles complex connector assemblies. This enhancement facilitates and accelerates the process for harness manufacturers because they will now be able to see the representation of complex device assemblies in the drawing while preparing the harness for the installation step.



Optimized piping and tubing design preparation for manufacturing

CATIA V6R2012 improves the detailed piping and tubing design and optimizes design preparation for manufacturing. CATIA Piping & Tubing Design reaches a new level of performance for layout refinement and network resizing. It also offers new capabilities with assisted spool creation and insulation management to address growing design complexity.


V6 PLM Express introduces the Manufacturing Process Planner role

V6R2012 extends the mid-market PLM Express offer and delivers extended process integration between EBOM and MBOM processes with the new DELMIA process planning role

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